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Last day in Germany

This is my last post from Germany.
During the last days I used my time to visit some friends for the last time. Thank you all for sharing the time with me. I really enjoyed it.
My departure is at 10:55am tomorrow and about 15 hours later I will arrive at San Francisco International Airport.
Malte will pick me up. I am really excited.

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Mountain View - Location

Where is it exactly?

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Got passport and visa by mail, Accommodation

Only to days after my appointment I received my passport and with it my visa.

I now also found a furnished room for my stay. Although it's located in Palo Alto and not in Mountain View, it's only 4 miles away from the BMW Technology Office.
Unfortunately I can't move in before May 03, but probably I can stay at Malte's room for the first days.

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Appointment at US Consulate in Frankfurt

Visa approved, flight booked

Today I had my appointment at the US Consulate.
I was there at 8:30 and only one hour, many fingerprints and 2 very small interviews later, I left the Consulate again!
My visa is approved now I will receive it together with my passport (I had to leave my passport at the Consulate) in some days.

As there is almost nothing that can prevent me from entering the United States soon, I also booked my flight now.

I will leave Germany on Sunday, April 29. Of course I would like to go earlier but I really want to be sure, that I receive my passport/visa before the day of my flight.

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I got the intern position!

After a relatively quiet phase, I now experienced a day packed with events.
It started yesterday evening when I received an email from the project manager of the position I applied for. He wanted to talk to me by skype the next day (today). Of course I agreed and so I had an skype interview today.

15:30 Interview. Lasted about 30 minutes and left me with a good feeling. It felt that I was closer to a possible position than in every other application before.
17:00 Talked with my advisor at the FZI about a possible future internship and that it is therefore not the best idea to extend my student research assistant (HiWi) contract another three month (two days ago I received an extension of contract form).
18:00 Jogging. When I came back home, the phone was ringing just in the moment I opened the door to my apartment.
It's BMW. I got the job! BAM.
23:00 It's still true. I am a future intern at BMW. With the help of the BMW Intern Coordinator I even did the first steps for my visa application. If everything goes well I will start my internship on May 01, 2012.

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